How To Track Your Order

In order to track your order with Active Fitness World, you can:

1) Login to your account here and view your orders

2) Contact us here and send us your order number.

We use multiple shipping carriers.
If you know your tracking # and company, you can check the following or login to your account above or click on the tracking number on your invoice to track package directly:

Frequently Asked Questions About Tracking:

Q. I don't have a tracking number. What do I do?
A. If you placed your order recently, wait a few days to receive your tracking number. Sometimes this can be up to 7 to 10 business days not including weekends. Or if it is past this time, please contact us for help.
Q. I have my tracking number but cannot find it on any of these links. How Do I Track My Order?
A. In some cases, you will receive a tracking number but the carrier has not actually shipped the package yet. Wait a day or two and then check it again.
Q. The product shows as delivered on the tracking site but I have not received the package. How Do I Find Out Where The Package Was Delivered?
A. In some cases, some people have their packages delivered to a main mail office, mail hub or front office. It is important to double check your address and best to have deliveries sent directly to your home. Our boxes come from several different vendors so you can contact us to find out what type of package to look for. We are not responsible for lost packages if you entered the wrong address or the carrier was unable to place the package in your hands at the time of delivery.
Still have questions? Just contact us!