Best Weighted Vest For Running

If you are looking for the best weighted vest for running, then look no further.

Our weighted workout vest is excellent for running, walking, men, women, crossfit, calisthenics, hiking, HIIT training and more.

Build stamina and strength at the same time.

Best Weighted Vest

Our weighted vest comes with ankle and wrist weights to increase your workouts.

Adjustable Body Weight Vest with Reflective Stripe

Workout Equipment for Strength Training, Walking, Running for Men and Women

Comes in several weight sizes.

  • 【Plus Size 】The straps of the heavy-weighted vest can be adjusted freely to fit the upper body. 
  • 【Upgraded Set with Ankle/Wrist Weights】The weighted vest for running is specially equipped with ankle or wrist weights of 2lb (1 pair ). The adjustable weighted vest can help to increase intensity & efficiency during your workout, can help with balance.
  • 【2 Adjustable Straps & Reflective Stripe】There are 2 adjustable straps for the weighted running vest to prevent slipping or sliding more effectively during exercise. Reflective stripes on both sides to reflect light. (please run on the sidewalk when available)
  • 【Top Quality Materials】Double stitching. The 25 lbs weighted vest is filled with iron shot to reduce leakage and prolong life of product. The weight vest for training distributes weight evenly around your upper body so it does not throw you off balance
  • 【Back Mesh Pocket】The well-designed mesh pocket on the back of the weight vest for workout is convenient for storing belongings such as keys, smart phones & headphones or adding weight if needed. 

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Important: More isn’t always better. While adding a weighted vest to your run absolutely offers benefits, listen to your body. If you are starting to feel the stress of the extra weight, give yourself a break. Baby steps are key!

1. The Cardiovascular Gains are Endless

Run half a mile as you normally would, and you might be a little winded. Run half a mile with a weighted vest, and your heart might be beating out of your chest.

2. Your Strength and Endurance Will Improve

Along with your heart health and capacity improving, your strength and endurance will too.

3. A Weighted Vest Offers Versatility

If you’re a CrossFit athlete, then you already know the overall benefits of high intensity training. 4. Your Bones Will be Stronger and Healthier
Your body has to work harder due to the extra weight, and this means that your bones have to carry a heavier load.

5. You’ll Have Better Balance

Running with a weighted vest means that you’re carrying more weight toward the top of your body. Your core gets stronger and therefore helps to maintain better balance.

6. Your Posture Might Improve

A weighted vest forces you to improve your posture, which is a huge benefit for those who spend most of their day slouching at a desk.

Weighted Running Vest for Women
Best Weighted Running Vest for Women