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Resistance Band Set - Elastic Band For Yoga, Pilates, Fitness 5 PC Set

Resistance Band Set - Elastic Band For Yoga, Pilates, Fitness 5 PC Set

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Resistance Band Loops

These resistance band loops are an excellent addition to any fitness regime. These resistance bands are for women or men of all fitness levels. Each exercise band offers a different level of resistance allowing you to work muscles throughout the whole body safely.
With any one or combination of bands for more tension, you can use these resistance bands for legs, arms, back or shoulders. Add bands to increase the level of tension.
  • Excellent for Yoga, Pilates, Fitness Training, HIIT Training, Low Impact Training, Training for Seniors, CrossFit and more and ideal for increasing strength and mobility. Using stretch bands can help to strengthen and stabilize muscles which may help to prevent injury or assist in injury muscle rehabilitation
  • Take these with you anywhere. Convenient carrying case allows you to pop these resistance band set into your gym bag or purse and can be easily transported to use wherever and whenever you want. Carry bag provided.
  • Workout in at home, in the gym, when traveling or as part of an exercise routine.
  • Use these resistance bands when seated at your desk for an extra workout while working.

Resistance Bands for Women

These resistance band loops are for women and men alike. The lower tension on these bands is typically best for women.

Sometimes called Booty Bands (these are not the same)


"I love these exercise bands. I use them while seated at my desk every other day and sometimes I cannot get up from my desk :) Highly recommended. Fast shipping and a great product and I didn't have to leave my house to get them" - Janet R - San Diego

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